~ 4 August 2022 ~
Save the Date!

Arrive Thursday afternoon, August 4th, 2022. 
Depart Sunday morning, August 7th, 2022. 

The entire vineyard and B&B at Sancerre Estate Vineyard has been booked exclusively for the Retreat, to give us privacy and space to explore and to dream.

#Register Your Spot for August 4 – by clicking through the link below. 

Why Would You Invest The Time & Energy Into This Retreat?

Dreams drive us.

They are the fuel in our tank, the help us persevere when times get tough, they provide a vision for us to aspire to.

An unfortunate fact is, most people will spend more time planning
their wedding or a holiday than they will planning their life – and then wonder why they don’t end up where they truly
want to be.

When we don’t take the time to get super clear on exactly what we want to create in our life, it’s all too common that we
end up with a life that is ‘less than’.

Our dreams stay out of focus.

Creating the time and space in our day-to-day life to develop that clarity is often a huge challenge though.

The Big Dreams Retreat has been created with this specific purpose in mind – to address that imbalance, to give you the
space to explore and to experience and to dream.  We work with you as you develop a deeper understanding of what you
want as an individual, and a vision so clear that you can touch it, feel it and taste it.

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