Probably as many cooks as there are in this world.

Each has its own take on a favourite.  Some prefer more herbs, others want to load it up with vegetables, for others the cheese sauce is key, some are very time efficient while others take hours to create.  

None are wrong.  You still end up with a meal to eat.  They’re simply different, and we can all learn from each other’s way of creating the ‘perfect’ lasagne.

Want to know something though?  

This applies to almost everything, and while I’m not a great lasagne cook, what I am great at is helping you get really clear on what you want out of life.  Helping you to define Your Dreams.

Not the dreams you thought you wanted as a kid, or the ones that you feel like you should be working towards because that’s what is “expected”.  

Your Dreams.

When you know what Your Dreams really are, you become more confident as you ask for and go after what you want.

It’s easier to bring your attention and actions back on track when distractions come along.

And you become more motivated to do what needs to be done along the journey from where you are now to where you want to be.

We all have our own way of creating our Vision of the future.

Maybe you block out January 1st every year to reassess and redirect your focus and activities for the coming year?

Perhaps you’re more of a ‘revisit on the go’ kind of person?

Or are you somebody who makes it up as you go along, making it up on the fly?

Whatever method you choose, one of the things I strongly recommend every person does is to create a Dream Board or Vision Board, to help keep you inspired and focused.

A Dream Board is a visual representation of the life you are creating and is highly personalised.

There are dozens of reasons why Dream Boards can help, but the most important one is as a visual reminder to help keep your efforts and energy focused so that what you do every day takes you closer to the Dream Life you are creating.

Do you have a Dream Board?

I regularly run workshops that guide you through the process of creating your Dream Board.

Once a year I also run a retreat that is designed solely to give you a deeper and more immersive experience in creating your Dream Board, with a collection of experiences woven through the event to give you a taste of the life you can create for yourself and your family.

Details of these events are included below.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Have an amazing day, but for now, it’s bye from me,