Just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you to Terri for coordinating, putting on making
available for us for the weekend or the workshop. I was excited to spend some time out
and have a insight to what is happening in our subconscious and bring it forward. So that
was cool. In the weekend, it was a great combination of the workshop and things that I
had never done before. As well as some good experiences and getting to know people
I hadn’t met before. And having that nice little community together, which we’re going to take
forward and have a nice jump off for each other and mentor and work together for the future
as well. And it’s always cool I find with workshops, what comes out in the workshop, and what
then we can utilize for the future that you never knew was in there. So that’s really nifty
and exciting as well. So thank you and it will be interesting exciting to see where the next
one is.

Talk soon!